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Terms and Conditions


Last Revised: October 22, 2023

Welcome to
This website is provided as a service to our visitors and may be used for informational purposes only. Because the Terms and Conditions contain legal obligations, please read them carefully.


D-SERV.UK is owned by "D-SERV GAMING LIMITED" (Incorporation Number: 14130218). Each user agrees to our terms of use, privacy policy, protection of personal data and compliance with the legislation in England, Wales and the European Union! The use of the terms "Us", "We", "Our company" refers to "D-SERV GAMING LIMITED". The use of the terms "customer", "You", "Your", "Yours", refers to the user (customer) of "D-SERV GAMING LIMITED".


2.1. Our company provides service and support on a daily basis with an average response time of between 15-30 minutes. There might be some delays occasionally.

2.2. Assistance is provided through tickets, Discord, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, or by e-mail.

2.3. Each game and virtual server receives free DDoS protection for the entire time of the service.

2.4. We offer legal, free game mods, as well as paid developments (privately made with copyright).

2.5. The company conducts its business by providing its own services by renting machines considered "rented" or collocated machines considered "owned".

2.6. The company does not resell services that are provided by other hosting providers.


3.1. The activation of the service begins after a successful payment of the specified amount using one of the available methods. We do not accept payments via SMS!

3.2. We accept payments via PayPal, Stripe, EasyPay, Revolut and direct IBAN transfer. More payment methods will be added soon!

3.3. If you wish to rent a service for more than 1 month, we have specific discounts:

- 3 months = 5% discount;

- 6 months = 10% discount;

- 9 months = 15% discount;

- 12 months = 20% discount;

- 18 months = 25% discount;

- 24 months = 30% discount.

3.4. If we are not notified of any late payment, your service will be temporarily suspended. If you are unable to make the payment within 7 days of the expiration of the service, the service will be terminated and all files will be deleted, with no possibility of recovery!

3.5. Refunds of additional fees (private development orders, hourly system administration, etc.) are not available.

3.6. Refunds are partially or fully completed, involving calculation of the remaining time until the service expires. The refund amount is returned in the form of credits for our billing site. Just contact us!

3.7. In the event of a technical problem with the dedicated servers, not mentioned in advance by us and a downtime of your services for more than 45 minutes, we will offer an additional free period for your services. The condition does not apply in the event that your services are unavailable due to an error beyond our control!


4.1. Our provision of test period for game servers is done only by providing you with an IP address to test the connection speed, ping and gameplay. SFTP and Pterodactyl access is not provided!

4.2. Private build mods, models and plugins will not be uploaded to test servers! They will be available to be checked out as videos uploaded on our YouTube channel.


5.1. The installation and use of unlicensed software, exploits, hacking programs, scripts or programs for the purpose of DoS-DDoS and other cyber attacks is not allowed!

5.2. The installation and use of software that "mines" digital currency (crypto) is not allowed!

5.3. The installation and use of "pirated" software, torrents and illegal games is not allowed!

5.4. Offensive content, threats and files that are in violation of UK and EU laws, as well as sites with inappropriate (pornographic) content are not allowed!

5.5. You are legally responsible for breaking any respective law!


6.1. The company guarantees full protection and confidentiality of your personal data and files, in accordance with the laws GDPR (EU), Data Protection Act 2018 (UK), The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (UK).

6.2. After receiving your game server, VPS or other service, we do not access your files without your permission. If you need help and cannot fix a problem using our guides, we will need to access your files to apply a fix.

6.3. The information provided on our website and in any other property of the company is subject to copyright and is legally protected!


7.1. The D-SERV team provides basic support and answers your questions between the hours of 12:00-00:00 EEST, and assistance can often be provided even before and after the stated time.

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